Grow & Glow provides a comprehensive service for commercial clients such as residential landlords, hotels, housing estates, crèches, supermarkets and petrol stations, among many others. Tomas brings his professional ethos to each job. His aim is to keep disruption to an absolute minimum by carrying out work at times that suit the needs of business owners or residents. Thanks to the wide range of services we offer and our meticulous approach, we will ensure your grounds are an attractive feature of your commercial property and that they continue to do your business justice.

Existing planting/landscaping

Whether the grounds of your business need regular upkeep or a complete overhaul, we can oversee it. We carry out an assessment on a case-by-case basis. A property may require grass-cutting, clean up, fencing, draining or planting in the spring and summer, and rooting, cutting back trees and shrubs, and hedging in the winter.

Brownfield sites

Where landscaping design is called for, we will work with the business owner, facility manager or local authority to create the impression they wish to project though the landscaping, using seasonal colour and eye-catching layouts.

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